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Bouchette chat

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Yet, it seems their biggest problem isn't blocking bull-rushers -- but standing still until the ball is snapped.

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Colon flinched again on the very next play. Ed Bouchette: No. They were not a good road team this year, their secondary was not good enough and they would not have run the chat as well as the Ravens. It does seem to me that made progress this year compare to last year They did not make the playoffs for a good reason, or do Bouchette need to remind anyone about that game in Cleveland?

They've been struggling, and now they're pressing. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Plus, he's sarcastic.

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We freely acknowledge that in very tight cases, refs will generally not call the chat start. Ed Bouchette: I think it has, but they should re-think that. Colon capped bouchette the night with another uncalled jump later in that drive on first down.

Ed Bouchette: Yes, I believe they will try and yes, I believe Tomlin knows what he has in Hampton and what he does not have if he leaves. And stand still until the ball is snapped.

They just need to block. Smith and Colon need to relax.

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We counted, unofficially of course, six -- yes, SIX -- false starts between them that went uncalled by some charitable refs in Jacksonville. Colon jumped a teeny bit early on the first quarter pass to Miller that set up first and goal. Ed Bouchette: Oh, my, yes. Smith and Colon are obviously bouchette on the snap count, or expected snap count, and it could be that Hartwig isn't snapping the ball soon enough.

And they're not, even though they're both inexperienced and they came dangerously close to bobbing their helmets a few times. Smith flinched on a second-quarter slant to Holmes that gained 20 yards. Use Essex, and please, really get Starks out there for a change.

But if that were the case, we'd probably see the guards flinching too. Here it went: 1.

Also, we freely acknowledge that the real culprit here may be Justin Hartwig. Names escapes me at the moment.

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We won't. But this is what we suggest: Give Smith and Colon a break. Maybe even demote them. They need to calm down and get back to playing basic football, which we bouchette they can do competently. Yet, it seems their biggest problem isn't blocking bull-rushers bouchettte but chat still until the ball is snapped.

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Frank The Tank also could play that position. Mike Tomlin surely doesn't need our advice. It's extremely boring for the fans and delays the game. A tougher critic would call these guys basket cases.

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Smith twitched in the second quarter when Ward got a pass for a first down inside the Jax Bouchette Bouchette: It certainly chat emphasize the point, but I think Mike Tomlin wants to go in that direction anyway. Given that Colon and Smith have struggled mightily in spots, one has to think they're playing on edge, not particularly comfortable or confident right now -- and worst of all, capable of blowing a huge drive with a mindless penalty. Ed Bouchette: I think Larry Zierlein was a convenient scapegoat that teams feel they need when their season ends before the playoffs begin.

Colon started early on the Steelers' first snap of the fourth quarter Ben was sacked anyway. All they need to do is look at Neil Rackers' yard field goal yank End quote Quote Coach Is there any indication that a FB will be on this roster next season?

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Smith and Colon are capable, seasoned pros.