April 17, 2015

Brighten your day with an inspiring saying while sipping your morning tea or coffee

Believe me, you can brighten your day by doing something that uplifts you - first thing in the morning. First of all, think about what it is that makes your morning more pleasant, more enjoyable? Or, what makes you smile?

Of course, only you can answer these questions for yourself. But, no matter what your answer might be, you can put a reminder on ceramic or bone china mug or cup. That will make it your favorite, for sure!

Maybe you already have your favorite mug - and maybe you don't. Either way, you probably agree with me that it's nice to pour and enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage from a cup that is visually pleasing, maybe reminds you why life is worth living, or even makes you laugh. 

It's easy to find a mug to your liking below - or personalize one for your unique self. Give one as a fun gift, too!​

Quotes to Brighten Your Day

  • “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” (Oscar Wilde)

  • “Change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” (Reinhold Niebuhr)

  • “If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.” (Glenn Clark)

  • “Happiness is a way of travel. Not a destination.” (Roy Goodman)


Daria is a SunFlower by nature, on a mission to shine the light of beauty and happiness on this world in the same way that the Sun spreads its warmth.

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