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March 30, 2013

Happy Easter


Cardinals singing of Spring Three cardinals (two red males and a  female with a beautiful orange beak) were right outside my bedroom window this morning. Their red color looked blindingly bright against the olive-colored new leaves of the turkey oak trees, springing back to life, after a short winter slumber. Usually, being offered sights like this […]

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March 20, 2013

Happy Spring

Rainbow and Spring

So long winter, hello new season After the long, cold winter, abundant with snow – spring has finally arrived. At least to our calendars. The beginning of spring also means the season of dances at Slovenian American Club in Spring Hill is coming to an end. But more about that toward the end of this […]

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January 8, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce . […]

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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas greeting May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. Image above credit . . Happy December In the beginning of December my life turned into an endless stream of parties. I’ve been spending a lot of time with people who mean to me so […]

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November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

These days I was actually supposed to be on a big trip all the way down south. But (my) life frequently makes unexpected turns and instead of enjoying the touristy environment of the Key West, I cooked the complete turkey dinner at home, went to a Thanksgiving party the next day, and worked on some […]

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November 9, 2012

Happy St. Martin’s Day

Glass Love

. . Sveti Martin (Saint Martin) Image credit . . November days The month of November can be quite dull. The weather all of a sudden changes from one extreme to another and any day can surprise us with an Indian summer, a tropical storm or a snow storm. The days get really short and […]

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