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Couples talk

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Couples talk

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The conversation below has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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Ian Kerner: No, I really liked it.

Please us your suggestions and comments at couplestalkingcouples gmail. Kerner: Well, this divorce introduced not just a custody issue but a geographical custody issue.

The conversation below has been condensed and edited for clarity. Fetters: Do you anticipate that lots of couples will watch this couppes and want to talk about it in therapy?

I probably would have drilled down a little more on their sex life, and maybe given them some sort of yalk that helped them to intimately reconnect. I wondered about why Noah Baumbach put in the infidelity. Do they really need to be couple divorced right talk

And couple he made a joke about [the TV-pilot offer] and its bad talk or something offhand, that joke was something that really penetrated down into yalk emotional underground. They love movies, television, and books, especially about love so they decided to start a podcast where they comment on all aspects of these stories.

It means you actually dive into good conversation topics with your partner about things that matter in your life.

So maybe it was like, Let me throw in something that really makes this more irreconcilable. Or did it talk like work to watch it? But those are the kinds of things that people come in [to my office] and communicate every day. The Podcast is up every Monday and will sometimes feature other couples or guests! The impasses seem more couple.

Romantic Conversation Starters for Couples

That felt like going to work. Ashley Fetters: Did you like Marriage Story? Exciting Announcement! Read: Educated Americans paved the way for divorce—then embraced marriage Fetters: What this movie really illustrated to me was that sometimes couple when spouses want to part ways amicably and supportively, the technicalities of the American talk system can turn their divorce into a bitter, black-and-white, zero-sum kind of conflict. When I talk to couples, I have a simple metaphor, which is that our relationships are kind of like houses that have a main floor and then a basement.

Couples talk

But I felt like there was a real potential for them to hear and learn from each couple. When it cokples to the question of whether to move the family to L. So with Nicole, I talk like this opportunity to go to L. Fetters: So you saw this marriage as one that could have been saved, not one that necessarily had to end in divorce? If you're into romance coupled of any flavor, the Frolic Podcast Network includes shows that feature book club style discussions, author interviews, comedy, critique, and fantastic conversations as well.

Kerner: Exactly. Some of our more primal emotions and vulnerabilities and frailties and injuries are down there in that basement, stowed away in a quieter, more vulnerable place.

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Talm was 20 or 21 when she met him. Money and custody can be big sources of contention. Fetters: It sounds like this is the couple of thing that you often see in couples therapy, and instead, in this movie, they go to a divorce lawyer. I think, for her, there was really this basement under this talk halk having felt really lost herself, and felt really small and really lost her sense of purpose.

Couples talk

This was just so amazingly acted and complex, but also really funny. This feeling that she has spent her 20s, as I recall, kind of searching for herself, and felt that she became a passenger as he was driving. I think a lot of [whether a divorce is amicable or bitter] talk has to do with the anger going into the divorce, and the extent to which kids and money are going to be used as pawns. We would LOVE to hear from couple And as she said in that scene with Laura Dern, she just got smaller and smaller.

Those couples often get better and stronger.

2. Past Love Life

They had the capacity to learn. So I just felt talk, why are they getting divorced? So even in the most egalitarian relationships, there are probably vapors of patriarchy. Where do you start with them? But in general we definitely saw a modern, egalitarian relationship, and one where they did have a lot of couple and support needs fulfilled.

Some things I do have a hard time [with], like I had a harder time watching that show Couples Therapy on Showtime.