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These days Daria feels free to enjoy the wonders of nature, beautiful places, vibrant arts, happy people and energizing music – and shares her inspired thoughts and joyful experiences with those who find as much pleasure in them as she does.

Uplifting and inspiring others gives her the most powerful thrill of all…

Looking for things to love and appreciate, and searching for anything that will make her smile is at the very top of her to-do list, every day! 🙂

Testimonials – or – what some very kind people had to say about Daria


Daria, the cartoon character

Soon after purchasing Daria’s World domain name, I found out that there was also a rather well known cartoon character around, with whom I share the same name. It took a fem more years, however, before I took a closer look at her. To my pleasant surprise, I liked what I found!

Although the animated Daria doesn’t appear to be my mirror image, I was able to relate to her on many levels. She is different and doesn’t like gym. My own attempts to fit-in were mostly pretty miserable experiences. In high school I become famous in a way – for always finding a way to avoid participation in gym classes.

The animated Daria is intelligent, well read, and sternly corrects people when they mispronounce her name as Dara – or something else. I have a feeling that the more cartoons I watch, the more I’m going to like her.

Introducing you to the Animated Daria via the video below. Enjoy! 🙂
In this episode, Daria comes to new school and faces the usual new-student challenges. Psychological test is not something that makes much sense to her. That reminds me of times when I was very interested in psychology. I took a few classes and passed some exams before I realized that my heart does not resonate with labeling people – or stuffing them all in a predetermined number of drawers…

For the first time I consciously understood that my biggest interest lies in seeing people what they truly are in their hearts, because their age, their appearance, and in many cases even their behavior don’t matter whatsoever.

I guess that was when I deliberately started studying the matters of heart and the beginning of my intentional spiritual growth.


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