March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter Eggs cookies

Cardinals singing of Spring

Three cardinals (two red males and a  female with a beautiful orange beak) were right outside my bedroom window this morning. Their red color looked blindingly bright against the olive-colored new leaves of the turkey oak trees, springing back to life, after a short winter slumber.

Usually, being offered sights like this one, I try to grab my camera and capture the moment. Not this morning, though. I just stood there, watching and listening, hoping for the birds’ play to last and last.

The two red males were showing off, hopping from one branch to another, and all around the nearby trees. In the meantime, pretty lady cardinal bird looked all calm, confident, and very happy with herself, seemingly not paying any attention to the two gloating boys…
Female and male Cardinal bird
Image credit: Cheyanne-Stinson
By the way, no pun was intended in description above. It just always amuses me to observe animals’ characters and behaviors that can be compared to human ones.

To my greatest pleasure, the birds stayed for quite a while, singing a song that sounded like spring and sunshine and love to me. Then they flew off, probably in search for another playground – or stage.

Easter is when the church bells go silent

Some people’s favorite holiday, Easter, was approaching faster than I’d been able to keep up with everything I wanted to accomplish before the holiday weekend. To put all of my stressing to a rest, I once again fell sick and now I don’t have to worry about a thing – because I spend most of the time in bed – with fever.

Luckily I have most of my foods for tomorrow ready. I even managed to get to an import store and buy some traditional kinds of meats that I can’t buy at Publix. No idea how much I’ll be able to feast, though.

Easter cards

The other day I received another Easter card and I started whining to my son how I once again failed to mail a single one. Which makes me feel really bad since for years and years I spent much time on designing, printing and mailing all kinds of greeting cards all year round.

Easter BunnyImage credit: Daria

And then my wise teenage child told me, “I’m sure you’ll still have friends after Easter! ”

I always knew kids are here to teach us, parents, not the other way around…

Here, I’d like to thank everyone who sent me a card. You’re all close to my heart at all times and I think of you often. But my list of friends keeps growing longer – while my days go by faster than ever.

Easter poem, especially for you

I think of the garden after the rain;
And hope to my heart comes singing,
At morn the cherry-blooms will be white,
And the Easter bells be ringing!

~ Edna Dean Proctor, “Easter Bells”

May the wonders of spring time help you to remember all the things that really matter in life, this Easter Sunday – and always.

Happy Easter!

Traditions of the season

Being a big fan of everything natural, I tried to color some Easter eggs with cut up fresh red beat. Someone was laughing at me when I told them how I was about to invent my own egg-coloring method.

My experiment didn’t quite work the way I expected, especially since the eggs were brown-shelled, from the local farm. One beat didn’t make much difference in their color. However, that will not stop me from trying something else (or more beats) next year… lol

yellow daffodils

Image credit: Irene – Orain-seinn, an artist from Spain
I keep noticing how certain days of the year, especially holidays, hold a very different meaning for everyone. In my case my childhood memories add most meaning to Easter. My grandmother couldn’t afford much but my sister’s and my Easter baskets were filled with potica, sweets, oranges and other goodies, every year.

My most precious memory of these gifts, delivered by a local bunny, were not the contents of the baskets but the fact, that we had to look for them outside. They were always hidden in my grandmother’s backyard, under the grape vine, among hundreds and hundreds of blooming daffodils. No wonder they are still my favorite spring flowers…

Wrapping up the season at Slovenian American Club in Spring Hill

This last season of dances went by incredibly fast. I hope you had a chance to attend – and that you had a lot of fun, and created some pleasant memories that will keep bringing a smile to your face.

The last dance of the season with Virgil Baker and Just 4 Fun Band

Musicians did great and as far as I know, all the attendees had lots of fun. Many told me so and many promised to come back (more often) next season.

Virgil Baker & Just 4 Fun Band

Image credit: Daria

As usually, we had some guest musicians in attendance and Frank Svet played with the band for some time. Second accordion makes a big difference in the way the band sounds – at least in my opinion.

But this time we also had two country singers in the audience and the polka/country mix was a nice addition to that day’s variety of music. Thank you, Bill & Cindie Breeze!

Polka and Country

Image credit: Daria

I had no time yet to edit and upload the videos but I’m looking forward to doing that because there are some really good ones in my collection.

Last but not least, thank you to all the musicians that entertained at our hall during the last few months. I have to say that many of you attracted quite a few new people that were assuring me about their excitement about our upcoming events.

Also, thank you to all the jammers, your enthusiasm, loyalty and all the cheerful tunes.

Thank you to all the dancers and listeners, especially those who kept bringing in groups of friends and reserving tables throughout the season.

And thank you to all the volunteers’ devoted work. Nothing would happen without you.


If you’re still in the area, please join us for the Club’s meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, at 2 pm. Everyone is welcome! I’m guessing that cake and coffee will be served.

Till next time

It took me almost all day to write all this. I guess headache is not exactly helpful or inspiring…

Right now we have a perfect weather so I’m sending lots of sunshine and all the spring-time shades of green your way. Enjoy the most uplifting time of the year and share your joy with the ones you love.

From my heart,



Daria is a SunFlower by nature, on a mission to shine the light of beauty and happiness on this world in the same way that the Sun spreads its warmth.

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