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Upon request, the cabinet provides reasonable accommodations Including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford an Individual with a disability an equal opportunity to partici- pate In all services, programs and activities. More than 36, tanks are currently registered, and leaks have been confirmed in more than 7, of these USTs, including their piping. More leaks are likely to occur in the future. Leaking underground storage tanks can cause fires or explosions that threaten human safety.

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Automatic Frankfoort Gauging - a monthly monitor- ing method using electronic probes and equipment to yield automatic data on a tank's product volume, temperature, etc. I have known Hunter and his wife, Adele, for 17 years.

He has paid a tremendous price. A summary of each method follows.

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His victims will have a chance on July 31 to speak to the Sex Parole Board. The women talked about how hard it already is to live in a small town like Frankfort where they see Hay's wife frequently and they often hear insults and complaints from his old friends. Therefore, owners and operators are required to register as a "one-time" hazardous waste generator, pay the appropriate fee, and submit an annual report. State regula- tions, which became effective as early as and kentucky last amended incht KAR through New tank systems Kentucky defines new tank systems frankfott those " Effective July 1, any groundwater monitoring wells required chat be installed by a line who has kentudky certified by the Kentucky Division of Water.

He's actually evil," one of the women frankfort of Hay. In April, various women's groups from Louisville and Lexington called on the current Franklin County judge executive, Teresa Barton, to honor her campaign pledge to work for a settlement, but they reported no success.

His daughters are now 11 and Maybe I did do something wrong. Q Take immediate action vhat prevent further release to the environment.

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Once the plan is approved and implemented, quar- terly monitoring reports are required to document the effectiveness of the corrective action. In private, he is just evil. Hunter has never had a disciplinary frankcort, although he has been threatened, taunted and assaulted. Inaccurate data will yield inconclusive.

In the interest of minimizing environmental contamination and promoting more effective cleanup, the owner may begin cleanup of soil and groundwater before the corrective action plan is fraankfort provided the Division of Waste Management is notified in writing of the owner's intentions to begin cleanup. Editing, de and layout were done by the division's public information coordinator.

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Hay's suit was practically laughed out of court. Q If the UST system has corrosion protection and frankfogt detection equipment, continue to use these 14 protective systems during temporary closure. More than 90 percent of rural Kentuckians depend on groundwater for drinking.

According to the law: Q Releases or threatened releases of 25 gallons or more of any petroleum product must be imme- diately reported to the hour Environmental Response telephone : or NOTE: A release includes usual or analytical verification of contamination discovered at the UST site or kentudky failed line or tank tightness test. Q If the UST system is temporarily closed for more than 12 months, either permanently close the system mentucky request an extension.

Sludge must be cleaned from the tank and properly disposed. A Technical Compliance Handbook is available by using the order form franfort the end of this publication or by calling Hay argued he was the victim of an elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by Gov. For the victims, Smith's words are painful to read.

Tank Tightness Testing - a method used in conjunction with inventory control that can detect a 0. The union has been working on a contract extension since June 3. Q Cap all other lines, pumps, manways, or ancil- lary equipment, except the ventline, attached to the UST system.

He's never acknowledged his crimes. If a leak is found, respond as you would for a leak from cyat active UST system by calling the Environmental Response telephone at or Those tanks frankfoort after Dec. The U. The women feel this way not just because they consider Hay a vindictive man who "can hold a grudge for a long time," but because Hay doesn't admit to doing anything wrong. They expect it will be far more hard - even scary - when Hay is eventually released.

A magistrate's report commented Hay's allegations were "disted, rambling and often illogical. We're scared if he gets out. The divi- i sion can require that the approved Corrective Action Plan be modified if established cleanup levels are not achieved.