June 6, 2011

Fun video about Portorož on Slovenian coast

Hotel Palace, Portorož. Avtor: Ziga.

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Portorož (Port of Roses) is a beautiful town on Slovenian coast and one of the favorite tourist destinations in Slovenia.

Besides having a pleasant Mediterranean climate with cool nights – Portorož is also a home to:

  • some very nice hotels
  • marina
  • many sporting facilities
  • Portorož International Airport in nearby village Sečovlje
  • casino
  • Euro-Mediterranean University
  • annual Festival of Slovenian Film (Festival slovenskega filma)
  • biennial of contemporary art show, called the International Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva
  • sculpture park Forma Viva
  • .
    Portorož - St Bernardin
    Photo “Portorož – St. Bernardin” – courtesy of peter++

  • wellness, health and spa places
  • congress centers
  • great restaurants
  • during the main season – in summer – there’s live music for dancing everywhere
  • roses and palm trees – and so much more

Video below is a presentation of some fun things to do in Portorož, Slovenia:

Photo of stormy Portorož – courtesy of Paul Wenk


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