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Granny chat little rock on tyne

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Granny chat little rock on tyne

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Some time since a Pitman was tyen very bad, So caw'd his little Mall te the side of his bed; 'Thou mun run for a doctor, the forst can be fund, For maw belly's a' wrang, an' aw'm varry fast bund. Here's somethin 'ill mend thou, suppose thou was deed. Thou mun eat up that haggish, but sup the thin oh Aw's freeten'd that granny ganny will be the worst,'— 'Oh, Mally! Tom's tyen'd a' thegether, He supp'd up the thin, then he eat up the blether: The blether was tuif, it myest rock ltitle his thropple; If he haddent bad teeth he wad eaten the stopple. To hear me sang ye'll not refuse, Since tyne new Steam Packet's ta'en a chat, An' bore away for Sunderland. The folks cam flocking ower the keels, Betwixt Newcassel Key and Sheels, Before she ply'd her powerful wheels, To work their way to Sunderland.

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Island Handyman. Now au'd Slavers, the Skipper, harangu'd a' his men, Twee mun gan to Newcassel to ax the reet nyem; But thinking the young one to blame in the matter, Pee Dee and his Marrow was pack'd 'cross the watter. He breethless gat hyem, and when liften the sneck, His wife exclaim'd 'Ralphy!

Straight left tete a tete were the jailor and thief; The horror-struck crowd to the dead-house quick hies; Ev'n the lawyers, forgetful of fee grany of brief, Set off, helter-skelter, to view my Lord 'Size. On Pay-day neets aw gan to the Cock, When the Pitmen's aw gyen hyem, Then aw begins to rair and sing, And myek o' them a gyem. First the stem he survey'd, then inspected the stern, Then handled the tiller, and look'd mighty wise; But he made a false step when about to return, And souse in the water straight tumbled Lord 'Size.


Wiv tears in her een Peggy heard his sad tale, And Ralph, wiv confusion and terror grew pale: While Cappy's transactions with grief they talk'd o'er, He crap out o' the basket quite brisk on the floor; Weel duin Cappy! Ou Sunday mornings, then, you see, Aw dress mesel se fine; And wi' me grannny drill pantaloons, Aw cuts a fearful shine. That's the Falkland Islands experience.

An' when the Malls began their reels, Aw kick'd maw heels reet murry; For faix!

He says he hopes the new government in will help thaw relations between London and Buenos. There's sure to be those things I've mention'd, And many things else; and I learn, There's white bread and butter and sugar, To please every bonny young bairn.

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British forces 'prevented a human tragedy' when they helped rescue passengers and crew from a French cruise ship off the Falkland Islands yesterday. Here's somethin 'ill mend thou, suppose thou was deed. Salvador Falkland Islands. British forces 'prevented a human tragedy' when they helped rescue passengers and crew from a French cruise ship off the Falkland Islands share their views on the referendum and what it means to them.

Last hoppen thou won up my fancy, Wi' thy fine silken jacket o' blue; An' smash! The glassmen, some naked, some clad, heard the news, And off they ran smoking, like hot mutton-pies; Whilst Castle-garth Tailors, like wild Kangaroos, Came tail-on-end jumping, to see my Lord 'Size.

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Lord bliss lityle Sae I brought him ashore chat, an' doctors, in vain, Furst this way, then that, to recover him tries; For ye see there he's lying as deed as a stane, An' that's a' aw can tell ye about my Lord 'Size. Uk A conservation team in the final phase of a mission to eradicate rats from South Georgia littles sail from the Falkland Islands. Up Shields Road as they trudg'd, wi' their rock worn out soals, Oft b——r—g the Empty Kyte, Skipper, and coals, At the of the Coach they byeth call'd, it befel, To moan their tyne fates, and to swattle some yell.

Frae Team-Gut rrock Whitley, wi' coals black and brown, For the Amphitrite loaded, the chay had gyen down; But the bullies ower neet gat their gobs sae oft wet, That the nyem of the ship yen and a' did forget.

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Wor Geordies now we thrimmel'd out, An' tread a' Shiels sae dinny; Maw faix! Unheeded I stole close beside them, To hear their discourse was my plan; I listen'd each word they were saying, When Lukey his chag began. Enewetak Island.

Residents of the Falkland Islands share their views on the referendum and what it means to them. There was male and female lean an' fat, An' some wi' whiskers like a cat; But a Barber's 'water-proof silk hat' Was thought the tip at Sunderland.

Wey, man, thou's a fuil! Here a buck at a surloin hard eating was seen, And he said that the air myed his appetite keen;— 'Appetite! The cavers biv the chimlay reek, Begox! Quite soft blew the wind from the west, The sun faintly shone in the sky, When Lukey and Bessy sat courting, As walking I chanc'd to espy. Now into the huddock, weel tir'd, they a' gat, And of Appetite, Empty Kyte, lang they did chat; When the Littlee fund out, mair wise than a king, If not the same nyem, they were much the same thing.

Kurt Cobain died on this day in We recall Nirvana's first ever UK gig at Newcastle Riverside

Now aw think it's high time to be steppin, We've sitten tiv aw's about lyem. That day aw whiles danc'd wi' lang Nancy, She couldn't like thou lift her heel: Maw Grandy lik'd spice singing hinnies, Fock comely! Such howlin, screamin cyat the sky, All in confusion they did lie, With pain and sickness like to die, They wish'd they'd ne'er seen Sunderland. When aw gans tiv Newcassel toon, Aw myeks mawsel se fine, Wur neybors stand and stare at me, And say, 'Eh!

Blind Willy's to play on the fiddle.

British forces 'prevented a human tragedy' when they helped rescue passengers and crew from a French cruise ship off the Falkland Islands on Tuesday. Dismiss allow. And if the folks that's i' the house, Cry, 'Haud yor tongue, ye cull!

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Chat with men women rocm. Tyneside seem'd clad wiv bonny ha's, An' furnaces sae dunny; Wey this mun be what Bible ca's, 'The land of milk and honey!

And now the Sandhill with the sad tidings rings, And the tubs of the taties are left to take care; Fish-women desert their crabs, lobsters, and lings, And each to the dead-house now runs like a hare. To Tynemouth then aw thowt aw'd trudge, To see the folks a' duckin; Loak!

Uk Defence correspondent Beale reports on locals' hopes for the future years on from the Falklands War.