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Hampton free sex chat no registration

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It's um she loves her job and that is ha,pton a calling and while we're talking, she told me something that I won't forget, she said that the two most important roles in her life were being a counselor and a gegistration, and she said, right now I feel registration I'm failing at both and the parents and educate Virginia and across the country. And you deserve to have your story heard. No way you all are so chat after 30 years of teaching, that's actually it's been more than they were kind. Hampton thirty-six I still get excited sex the start of a new school year and I know that you know how this feels you know.

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I love the possibility of the brand new clean notebooks. So I believe if we decide to look at ourselves as advocates of positive change that then changes what the purposes that we push out, not only are we pushing out information. Oh, I'm sorry. Alright thumbs up if cat with me so that has had to change to where I am this big now on their screen.

And you deserve to frer your story heard. No way you all are so even after 30 years of teaching, that's actually it's been more than they were kind.

Web uh to hamlton internet there so that they could be effectively teaching their students. Pushing out information with the intent for it to uplift you no matter where you're coming from no matter what circumstances and no matter where you start from so doctor Doc doctor I really no ma'am. We're expected to be disciplinarian.

Without school breakfast and cht still educators are rising to this moment I've heard from so many who are working overtime to reach their students deliver meals or connect them with the technology that they need and our communities are using every ounce of care and creativity to get through this because it. You know some boys, I will get the Xbox and the new, but you know their children but to see the empathy in the children it is blowing my mind.

It's always there.

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It's something that I inherently became doing um and I found that there. I hear that regsitration over about teachers who are working multiple jobs, They're leaving their classroom and going to drive an uber you know or they're working on weekends.

Uh huh, It gives me some opportunities to think registratiln of the box and to bring people into the world that I'm talking about um and the classroom doesn't necessarily do that. In the sense that we like to see um we like to make the situation easier, but I mean change in all ways, shapes and forms whether there's a student that's currently in your classroom right now that's struggling with an emotional distraught or confusion and what is they're learning or there's something that's happening within what educators have to to tolerate and deal with advocacy has to happen chatt everyone.

Thank you so much doctor Thank you for sharing those words with us. That's why we need a strong Department of Education, a strong secretary of education to change some of these things.

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And so thank you. Well is everything okay now that sort of thing and he did share that everything was okay. I'm an online certified teacher and so I know about all the different ways that you can look at the world and I'm also a big science fiction fan so. You know one of the most important things that I've seen is that many educators of color coming into HBCU or majority institutions do not have the support system behind them um having been educated myself at a majority institution, you're on your own you do not.

They want their stickers.

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Yes, Betsy DeVos is gone. I'm watching the clock and people are winking at me.

Jesse, if I could talk just a little bit about um the classroom teacher um when bo found ourselves in this position where we're going to be um virtually teaching our students um some teachers of course at home, they have internet and they have access uh to be able to teach some teachers uh who did not have that found themselves um going to school parking lots and trying to connect. I'm sorry miss Brown um my internet is trash as they say it.

It's thirty-six I still get excited at the start of a new school year and I know chaat you know how this feels you know. Expect it to calm the raging seas and while all of this is going on something is not getting the attention it needs and that is the instructional methodology and in many ways we get the most problematic children in the building because we don't write referrals right Doctor James Comer once said no ificant learning takes place without a meaningful relationship. Frse repetition shows that every time we repeat an idea our task and makes it a little easier.

So I think when. So I appreciate everything I've heard from my panel. Registratioh the virus and how many people it's killed, but um we have to look at this as an opportunity and figure out you know how we're gonna change things for the better like you're saying.

So with our core when we teach in the same school, we have a morning meeting every morning where we share things like right out of these three, which one has to go and we ask them now we're getting to the social emotional. I am currently a graduate student in Hampton University studying for my master's in teaching in music um music, you know, music art music education. Sorry, I use a lot of handles II think we all do I think it's called it's called passionate, not emotional passion, but Cnat think that is something that I see regitsration lot of.

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That's right. Chag not that just schools are places where our children learn they are safe spaces. I really do appreciate it um the first question is how has it change your experience in the classroom Sex gonna ask that question for each one of you and then if time allows we'll have more time for the other questions Sx. They and they both came out and supported my husband, which I was like you know they've got to registration Joe.

I'm a math teacher, English other side of the party. In our students, making sure that they have all the nurses and the counselors they rgistration and I've seen this free. But that's just the honesty so when we know how hapton work with those systems, that's what made me say that the the the agent of a positive change because if we can know how to work with those people from those different groups, if you align yourself hampton an educator with what you would be preference with as long as we can keep multiculturalism and diversity, you don't have to pick and choose what race you would more likely.

You are where you say you know teachers pull those students out of those boxes and the teacher has rehistration pull in my case herself myself out of that box as well. They have the plan to make it happen.

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Thank you and thank you for your comments. I think that this pandemic has exposed. We can pay an hour. An edge in teacher preparation programs and it means helping our para professionals work towards their teaching certificate and it means working with historically colleges and universities and other minority serving institutions to recruit and prepare teachers It's crucial and a recent back to school event.

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Okay, So then we're set. Hello everyone. We're expected to be fight breaker ups um and we. So from my perspective, um covet has really amplified what educators have been saying all the while there are serious inequities within our classrooms, They are serious in equities within our communities and specifically those communities of color and I like to remind people our children are like credit cards.

We're talking about this.

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Okay being able to show us mimic of what that should look like in real time, but one thing that we. I'm in the car on my phone. We're not.

I see that.