March 8, 2015

Happy International Women’s Day – Do some dancing!

Hello, hello everyone!

 It's been a while since the last time I'd been typing this newsletter. I somehow felt I had nothing to report - and I usually don't talk when I have nothing to say...

I do want to thank you, however, for your patience and countless kind emails and phone calls I kept receiving at all times. Please accept my apology for not responding much. I needed some time for myself and I prefer to lick my wounds alone.

In the mean time, many changes took place. The highway of my life took turns toward new destinations, I made different decisions at certain crossroads, and in the process, entirely new perspectives were revealed to me. And some never-before-seen, breathtaking views made my heart skip a beat - or two. ​I embrace them all, even those that scare me a little, at least at first.

Lone tree and blue sky

All the images credits: Yours Truly

Most precious things

Most precious

To me, one of the most precious things in life is having special people around. Those who touch my heart profoundly, make me smile and laugh, and those who enlighten me in one way or another.

Six months ago a tiny baby girl came into my world. The most cute, sparkly and bright child I've ever known. She sure brought a lot of sunshine into my life, the kind that can't be compared in warmth to anything else.

Ever since, some people keep telling me I am now a grandmother - but I don't really get that. And when I tell them the little one is going to be calling me Daria, They usually get a little bit upset... lol 

But regardless of what people and stages of life get labeled in nowadays society, I've learned that at least certain things are eternal. And unconditional love for a tiny human being makes top of the list in my world.​ For ever more! Talking about feeling blessed beyond description...

All time favorites

I shared with you my newest, most cherished addition, while at the same time I have some all-time favorites, like my flowers. They all survived a few frosty mornings we had this winter,  although I have to admit I've done a lot of hauling in direction of my garage. And back again.

While caring for my plants, they always teach me​ something new. The most surprising thing I discovered just recently is that blooming begonias do exceptionally well as cut flowers. The biggest challenge is to find the right vase because the stem is always short. 

That can be fixed with some other greenery or by adding decorative stones or glass pebbles​ to keep begonia cutting in place. The water needs to be changed every couple of days, just as with any other kind of bouquet. But they sure last, and last, and last - and look cheerful and colorful until the last flower drops off. That's been my experience.

Begonias in glass vase

Artsy activities

Designing, painting and doodling were always my quiet companions, my quiet time activities. I just never took them to the next level. About a year ago, however, I changed all that. I've done a lot of new things, learned a lot, experienced with new techniques, paints and materials - and created some neat stuff. So far only my closest friends have seen some of my creations but I decided to finally share them publicly and to make them available for purchase. A few of my designs can be seen at my Zazzle store called DariArts and I'll be adding more soon. Here's one of my day-brightening mugs:

Have you ever heard of a morphing mug?

It looks plain white when cold.  And once you pour a hot drink into it, the image magically appears.

And this one has an inspiring wish, too!

A mug like this makes a nice little present or an interesting conversation piece.​ In addition, it can be customized with your own image, message and background color.

The bottom line is, if you're ever looking for custom greeting cards, postcards, mugs, plates, t-shirts, aprons, hats, stickers or invitations - I just might be able to help. If interested, please contact me for more information.

Slovenian - American

Slovenian American Club Dance  - 2012-03-11 15.44.37

Former Slovenian American Club in Spring Hill, Florida, (late SNPJ Lodge 778) is still around and active - but changed the name once again. It's now called Suncoast Polkas Plus and the two contacts to reserve seats or any other kind of information are:

~ Ed @ (352) 428.8340
~ Catherine @ (989) 768.0031

The hall on County Line Road was sold so the Club now rents other halls in the area for their dances. Therefore, the address for every affair might be different, so make sure to have the correct information before heading out.​

Suncoast Polkas Plus' next event with Bob Turcola Orchestra is on March 28, 2015. For all the details check the Schedule or click here.​

Slovenian American Club dance with Mollie B -  2014-02-02 17.07.39

New Online Schedule

All this time, when I "wasn't talking," I kept receiving phone and email inquiries about the upcoming events in the area. Hence, I decided to create an online schedule once again. The only difference is that I am now including all the events across the state of Florida where Cleveland-Style/Slovenian/Alpine/Oberkrein polka music is played. All the bands and event planners are welcome to submit their upcoming dances to be included in the new schedule which can be found at:​

Whenever you feel like dancing, please do check it out!

Happy International Women's Day

Tulips, drawing by Daria

Not everyone knows that March 8 of every year is International Women's Day. Honoring women of all ages on that day has been a tradition in Europe for about a century.

In recent years it seems like certain American holidays are slowly finding their place overseas and the other way around. With internet and ever expanding technology the world is becoming more and more border-less and sifting through the customs that appeal to us is easier than ever. 

So, if you like the idea of March 8, I wish you a Happy International Women's Day.

And if this idea doesn't resonate with your heart, celebrate and dance anyway. Every new day of our life is a gift - well worth celebrating and appreciating!

From my heart,​



Daria is a SunFlower by nature, on a mission to shine the light of beauty and happiness on this world in the same way that the Sun spreads its warmth.

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