August 9, 2011

I lit a candle

Every time I hear of someone I knew – passing on – I light a candle – and think of a person who departed – and those who are remaining in this physical realm and have to deal with whatever changes this unfortunate event brings into their lives.

When it comes to the person that will no longer be a part of my every-day life, I try to remember as many happy memories as possible, cherish them and feel thankful for the opportunity to have that human being in my life.


Lit Candle
Photo “Lit Candle” – courtesy of Josh Kundert-Gibbs

I don’t remember where this ceremony of lighting a candle for every individual came from. Or when I first started it. But I do feel in my heart that it’s meaningful to me, that it’s important, and that I’ll do it over and over again.

A flame of the lit candle represents a fond memory – that will live eternally – for every living soul who at one point or another influenced my life – but is no longer in a physical form.



Daria is a SunFlower by nature, on a mission to shine the light of beauty and happiness on this world in the same way that the Sun spreads its warmth.

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