May 17, 2011

Island of Burano, Italy

This morning I was looking at some colorful images of Burano. The place looked something like a fairy-tale village to me so I can’t help myself but add it to my list of fun places to visit.

Burano is often called an island but it is really an archipelago of four islands, connected by bridges.


Photo above “Burano” – courtesy of fsa99999


The Island of Burano is situated in the Venetian Lagoon, only 7 kilometers from Venice. The history of Burano says it was probably settled by the Romans and thriving ever since. However, it’s importance rose for the first time when the women on the island started making lace with needles – an extremely time consuming and complicated way of lacemaking.

Burano lace umbrellas

Fun lace umbrellas made in Burano for lilttle girls. Legend has it that a young Venetian seafarer brought his beloved a seaweed from the far, distant seas. As she wanted to preserve the memento for ever, she painstakingly copied the delicate outline and patterns using her needle and thread.

Photo and comment above: “Burano lace umbrellas” – courtesy of Smitten with Lido


Another thing Burano is famous for and attractive for tourists today – are its small, brightly-painted houses. To get a permission to paint one’s house, the government’s note is required – with detailed instructions which colors are permitted for that particular lot.

The color system originates from the golden age of Burano’s development and results in the variety of warm, pastel colors, so characteristic for the island today – and very popular with artists.


Photo above: “Burano” – courtesy of ramon.vmorales


Some place online I read the legend about Burano. It says that the houses on the Island of Burano were brightly colored because of the fishermen – so they could easily spot their homes from their fishing boat.

Church of San Martino Campanile

Photo above: “Church of San Martino Campanile – the leaning tower of Burano” – courtesy of tedlum


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