May 2, 2011


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As a child I was pretty shy and quiet. I was reading a lot – in fact I was reading so much that my mom took my book away and made me go outside every once in a while.

I remember watching raindrops making patterns on the outside of my window – for hours. I never got tired of watching them merging and after the merge – speeding down the glass, picking up more lonely rain drops on the way.

RaindropsPhoto “Raindrops” – courtesy of Saurav Pandey

Besides observing the playful raindrops, my favorite thing to was playing with my kaleidoscope. I always had one. Made of plastic or carton, with ever changing breathtakingly beautiful images, cheerful and colorful and bright. They always made me smile, no matter what.

KaleidoscopePhoto “Kaleidoscope” – courtesy of Wen Actually.

Nowadays, when everything is moving online, I was not surprised to discover that there are kaleidoscopes available on Internet as well. So far I came across two kaleidoscopes that really impressed me:

  • If you’re ready to dream a little bit just watching, visit the website below. It’s “click and watch” kind – you don’t have to do anything. However, you can affect the images and speed by moving your mouse across the screen:
  • The second one I highly recommend if you’re feeling creative – or you just want to play for a while. It lets you draw your own images with your mouse, lets you use a lot of different colors and moving images and more. The more you fill up the space provided, the more varied your kaleidoscope images will get. Give it a try, it’s a lot more fun than most video games:
    Build your own kaleidoscope

If I find more kaleidoscopic sites to dream by, I’ll add them to the list above.

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