November 6, 2014

Laminate floor disadvantages

Some drawbacks of laminate floors

  • SOUND: A hollow sound that laminate floor produces when walked on - is the most obvious and first giveaway that this is not a natural material. To some extent this can be reduced, though.
  • FEEL: When touched, laminate feels unnatural and synthetic - no matter how well it visually imitates a natural material. Since it's produced to be durable and resistible to all kinds of environmental effects, laminate flooring very much feels hard and unyielding under foot.
  • LIFESPAN: It's not possible to refinish laminate floors so they will last as long as their top - wear layer lasts. The good news is that when damaged, individual pieces can be replaced. In any case, choose a great quality flooring with thick wear layer.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Certain laminate materials are made with formaldehyde and some environmental experts have concerns about their effect on the quality of the air in the room with such kind of flooring installed.


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