April 15, 2011

Math is cool

Square root of x formula. Symbol of mathematics.

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My son came home from school very excited this afternoon. He spent an hour after school with Miss O, according to Erik the best math teacher in the state of Florida, in her tutoring class. And since there was another student there and Miss O had to help him with some Algebra I problems, my son was challenged to solve a new kind of problems on his own, without her help.

Anyway, he did it and that’s what excited him so much that he couldn’t stop telling me how cool the math was… 🙂

I have to admit I never liked math. Actually, closer to the truth would be saying that the only time I didn’t hate math was that one year in college when I had a really good math professor and for the first time math didn’t feel to me like a mystery I didn’t want to get into. Hence, I was very honest when I told my son that I’ve never in my life met anyone who would be nearly as excited about math as he was today.

The reason he goes to math tutoring is that he is interested in becoming a space engineer or even majoring in math – so he takes every opportunity he gets – to upgrade what he learns in his math class and to further expand his understanding. Miss O has been his teacher and valued resource for two years now and I really appreciate her openness to sharing her extensive math knowledge with Erik.

One great online place that makes math cool can be found by watching the video below. It’s about the Khan Academy and using video for education. Very neat and helpful, definitely the way to make more students wrap their minds around the idea that math can really be cool.


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