May 15, 2011

Modern day Cinderella story – Royal Wedding 2011

Royal Wedding

Image by aurélien. via Flickr

There has been a lot written about Kate and William’s Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011. I don’t care for gossips and celebrity affairs but I did watch a video of the wedding and thought Catherine Middleton looked beautiful and the newly wed couple happy – that’s all I wanted to see anyway.

But people are awesome and have their unique points of view. Some of them have incredible observation and comparison skills. The author of the collage below (I don’t know who that might be) – had to be one of those detail-oriented geniuses that noticed the similarity of the real Royal Wedding attires to the outfits in Disney’s Cinderella fairytale illustrations.

Check it out for yourself, it sure made me laugh… 🙂

Modern day Cinderella - Royal Wedding 2011

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