August 8, 2011

My deepest sympathies

The ringing of my cell phone woke me up this morning. Hearing my dad on the other side caught me by surprise. For the last eleven years it was mostly me who was keeping in touch – and I very rarely heard from him.

And this time, he didn’t call me to chat with me. He just wanted to tell me that his life partner of a long time, Marija, passed away the night before.

I learned a little while ago that she was very ill and moved to the hospice after the hospital staff figured out that she was too weak to take any medical procedures – commonly used on patients in her condition. And still, hearing my dad’s statement that she was gone, left me speechless.

At this point I can’t remember what I said in response. I know I’m not big on saying the usual empty phrases that don’t mean anything. But I’m also not sure I said I was sorry – or expressed my deepest sympathies properly – even though that’s how I felt – and still do.

Despite everything, I love my dad very much. Life taught me to look only for the good in all the people. Therefore, I will always remember my dad for the laughter and fun we had together when I was a little girl.

The same with Marija. I’m happy for her that her suffering and dependency is over – because that wasn’t her style. She was a free spirit and she preferred to do whatever she wanted to do.

I know you’re pure happiness where you are, Marija, – but you will be missed here, especially by my dad – and you will never be forgotten…

Photo “Sympathy” – courtesy of ND Wind Twins

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