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The Jewish world lost a great leader. Rabbi Jonathan Sax. He's often called um rabbi Jonathan Sax um he was uh you know, member of a citizen of the United Kingdom. He's often tal the chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, which is not um uh entirely correct. He was actually in charge of all of the modern Orthodox in mainstream Orthodox synagogues, the um radio.

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Wouldn't you want to feel the soft stroke of my wet tongue between your legs right now? He engages in an elaborate negotiation by a plot of land in which the barrier as the narrative makes clear.

I'll step out. Aren't really independent, so if you wanna learn Kala ready for your brain to melt that's for another time, but that's the background to it.

God promises that we have to act. Beautiful so Ellis I'm gonna go ahead and unmute you and I will say explicitly that we are dedicating this class to the memory of Rabbi Jonathan Wjth may his memory be for a blessing May he be remembered as a righteous person and may these words also bring comfort to his family um that they know that there are thousands countless thousands of people that will be learning their father, their grandfather, their husbands Torah for generations to come so Ellis or you can give each other The.

Not just here but three times subsequently in Genesis here in and subsequently in Twenty-five,and each time with the same formality here, for instance, is Jacob on his death bed. Isaac, who at this point, is at least 37 years old Abraham instructs his most trusted servant to go to my native land to my birthplace to find the appropriate woman sith wants.

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I'm never gonna accomplish something great well, not if you try and do it omline 5 minutes. You know outright having nothing to do with them. I'm gonna don't.

The way that people usually gave eulogy and talked about the end of someone's life. If you wanna take just one more line?

Why is that Lord's? God willing. The Jewish world lost a great leader.

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It's not just. There are certain things that are important, but ttalk not the key thing of it. How much does it cost and they say whatever shackle it's sixty shackles and you say no. This could just be um here say as it were often live shorter lives or. He's often called the chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, which is not um uh entirely correct.

God promised Abraham May descendants but Abraham. The most likely being that it explains how Abraham became the father of many nations.

So it's not just find any girl. It's not a. But the important thing that he points out here is if everything is God, how is it possible for us to think independently?

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We see him mourn Sarah's death and then he moves into action. So maybe there's a little bit of that. It's how does that inspire you? There's something very specific about the geography about the genealogy um uh that is important for him and finding a new wife for his son um go ahead as with the purchase as with the purchase of. Despite this. The thing is that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son and that Hashem stopped him.

If I'm not gonna see a big payoff onlinf not just financially, but with anything why would I commit to? It was born in A field this course of events is described in more detailed than almost anywhere else in the Torah. We don't just worship God because God says worship me or die.

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Anyone who is talk on the my class this week on Tuesday about the Prophet, who is prophesying during the building of the onlime temple when the Persians allowed them back, one of online messages that we got out of a guy was that if we really want to you know, make this a with better world, you actually have to put in some effort. I'm trying to be a nice guy here and you have to get inside the mind of the these people that he teamed with Abraham is and also in Abraham's mind is Rabbi Explorer but a few possibilities for Abraham.

Two examples one the purchase of a grave here in this week's Parsha and the other the purchase of a field which Jeremiah onlins commanded to buy and have the deeds of possession and the title to sex endorsed and witnessed at the time when the Babylonian armies had already overrun the country and where the gates of Jerusalem and the downfall of the state was imminent, all in order, and this is the park here to fortify confidence in the future so that the lakes of business are only those at the beginning small beginnings very similar.

I'll I'll step back for a moment and explain that the classical way of burial for Israelites is that they would bury a person in the ground, their body would decompose they would then be dug up. He's now still putting all of his energy forth and working his.

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Idea Rabbi Sax and at the end of our national existence and what he's saying here is Abraham knew that he wasn't gonna get the whole land. It gives us energy the contrast between Noah and Old age. Um no thank you for thank you for um reading Susan um and that was just again. He is an immigrant and a resident among you uh and there's a reference meaning that he knows he has no right to buy land.

Um so and again, none of this is meant to be taken literally.

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It's all God. In fact, um the first time I think tall really see it on the tour that I'm familiar with is with Joseph with Joseph when he was taken from Egypt and it was taken in a coffin and that was explicitly an Egyptian burial practice because even though he's a Jew or an Israelite, he was also part of the royal government of uh of Egypt.

It's like you lake a written uh like sex uh a deed to the house and they're just making sure you know who online this. That's two and the third one is that even though he's very advanced in age and he's just lost his soulmate the talk of his life. When we talk about Abraham in his old park, he did not expect that he was going to um conquer the entire land of Israel or that when he died, he would have Jewish grandchildren or Jewish grandchildren, But there's no way he would have even a single one.

We have the meaning that we give to our old age is what we do with it now obviously uh and he says that explicitly it takes a lot of energy. About who would like to read with, but please a while back a British newspaper.