September 21, 2018

Pencil Skirt with Style

Pencil skirt (to me) is one of those pieces of clothing that one can dress up or dress down and suit just about any occasion. For instance, by adding an elegant top, some jewelry and high heals - I can look all dressed up. By adding a casual shirt and flats, on the other hand, I can take my pencil skirt anywhere, every day.

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History of Pencil Skirt

"The first pencil skirt was designed by Christian Dior as part of his “H-Line” collection of 1954. Dior had spent the previous three years moving away from his “New Look” which had dictated fashion from 1947 until 1950, with its tight waist and full skirts.

Dior named his collections with letters of the alphabet to reference to the changing silhouettes. We still use his term “A-Line” for the flared cut it describes, as in an A-Line skirt.  The name “H-Line” referred to the silhouettes he was creating with parallel lines. With his “H-Line”, Dior shifted the emphasis from the waist to the hip, tailoring the skirt to curve over the hip and narrow towards the knee. This silhouette not only looked different it felt radically different to wear and encouraged women to walk with a “wiggle” – think Marilyn Monroe!" Source

A Staple of Working Wardrobes

"Since the Mid 50’s, the pencil skirt has become a staple of working wardrobes, with the hemline raising and lowering depending on the prevailing trends of the day. In the 1970’s Lycra became more widely used in fabric production adding, stretch and ‘recovery’ properties to both knitted and woven fabrics. This has led to skin-tight clothing that still allows the wearer ease of movement." Source

Endless Variety of Colors and Patterns

No wonder nowadays pencil skirts come in every color under the sun. But my favorite ones are the ones with artsy designs and patterns or custom prints. By choosing one of these, it's really easy to stand out from the crowds - and to find a perfect match to your favorite top.

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