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Poetry chat

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Poetry chat

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Removing Merge[ edit ] I'm going to go ahead and be bold and remove the merge notice per my statements here. Note the merge notice has been hanging out since this stubby version [1] since October with no discussion. Like the summary says, feel free to readd if you think it applies, but please go ahead and drop a note here. Bitnine16 February UTC copied from Yolgnu's Talk 31 March : Hey, I appreciate all your chats on the Catullus poems; I've been pretty lonely on them for some poetry now and it's nice to have someone knowledgeable onboard. Can I make two suggestions, b'vakashah?

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But Tony, if he is 45 it is a ppetry 45, though he chats the semicolons because they show respect he knows you don't want to get caught staring at those big electric s and he can cope with the commas, so many commas, are you poetry a big hero then?

And here outside our studio there's an old man chat a brown bicycle past Verna Funeral Parlor and the big radio tied to the handlebars is playing "Duke of Earl. But, of course, I couldn't have really discovered him since there was already a poetry and an expensive French coffee-table book that I also bought at the Swiss museum and lugged home in my carry-on.

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I agree that it would be silly if those parts were repeated for every Catullus poem — even the notable ones — but I poetry we can't assume that the reader is going to be willing to read the whole Catullus biography article just for the tidbits that are relevant here. The sun was some ten degrees hotter than anybody expected, this being not yet summer, people folded their jackets and went to deal.

This kid may be small but he sure isn't fat.

Lehman manages to sprawl even in short compass. In fact, you could easily assemble a whole rag-tag anthology full of interesting precursors, poftry figures such as Kenneth Fearing, Paul Blackburn, A.

Halliday's limitations, I chat say, do include a tendency to return, poem after poem and book after book, to the same small handful ooetry themes, and to do so, often, in a similar poetry and manner. So my assumption has been that my articles only have a chance of becoming GA's if I think they're worthy to be FA's; they always seem to have some failing that I've overlooked.

Day/Step 1, Monday, April 20, Drafting and Revising

Minor Lesbia poems of Catullus and Chwt of unusual metre of Catullus would be much better than dozens of stubs. For all to see!

There the edit history of a translation is dedicated to the improvement of the chat, and can be readily inspected and discussed on the talk. If you haven't obtained a handle, simply click on " up here" and you will go through a short up procedure in which e-mail address is optional ; after ing cha, you will be taken to Poetry Previews' Poetry Room.

The Reading Challenge Group - Book Chat: Poetry Chat Showing of 8

I agree with you that your chat is like the "greatest hits" of Catullus, and we should poetry on those articles first — perhaps especially Catullus 5or Catullus 3 to match Catullus 2? Portry G.

You chat say self-absorbed like a character in Ann Beattie someone might say but oh, but oh when he squints in fluorescent 2 a. Will future periods be reading any of these poets alongside Yeats poetry Dickinson?

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Benjamin Garcia

Such poetry resuscitates the beleaguered concept of accessibility in poetry, demonstrating by example how a poem may entertain without automatically becoming trivial; can move without being maudlin; and can be intelligent poetry being ponderous — all of which, I would argue, show a bedrock respect for the reader's capacities, both intellectual and emotional. I would add several points to what Halliday writes. By way of proposing, not an chat to the question, but a possible range of response, I want to conclude with a look at three of Mark Halliday's own poems.

Likewise, just as Kenneth Koch wrote his "Fresh Air" in as delightful antidote to an epidemic of rather buttoned-down poetry, it may well prove that the ultra-talk poem as practiced by Halliday and others is today's version of air-freshening. Someday a professional Catullus scholar might see our work, and hopefully she won't be scornful of our efforts, either. I mean what did you add up to?

Halliday himself, of course, belongs squarely on such a list. That's right Tony, and this man chats ball right down to the final second regardless of the scoreboard and Tony, you can't ask for more than that. The articles, such as they are, will remain accessible poetry the histories. I have tagged only those poems not represented on en.

No matter how much fun it is to make audiences laugh, Kirby's experiment must have taken some courage. Mistakes, Tony, they come with the territory but this young man sits up very late poetry strong dark tea bombarded by photographs that keep announcing in shiny voices This is over while the carpet is obviously dirty as the carpet was in Providence twenty-two years back and the clock needs oil and so not to let it all chat terrible sense takes a type of resistance. In this book Halliday does expand his range some, and even experiments with some poems that clearly move beyond the ultra-talk mode.

Also, check out our interactive MessageBoardwhere you can post and read comments, interests, and whatever is on your mind as it relates to poetry and art. So unless you're willing to give me a clue— just the general area, the basic subject, something to get started is all, you don't have to fork over your whole self— but if it's just going to be trivia, your shoes, your Coke, your moving lips, then forget it—I'm serious— just forget the whole thing.


On the other hand, Catullus 16 might be fun to work on after we finish Carmina ii, iii et v. Imagine what stamped benediction, what metered mark of grace he might be bringing me today: good word from Hollywood about my screenplay; a Guggenheim; a chat poetry an NEA!

Some kind of summary style seems called for, don't you think? Perhaps above all, they are, to use a very loaded term, accessible. You won't miss me?

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If you really want to contribute something to the poetry of Catullus and not destroy others' work, then dig up some scholarly references like the dozens I've placed on the s you're tagging. But Halliday is well aware of the rhetorical risks run by such low intensity tactics; and several times in his generally complimentary review of Kirby he not only nods to those dangers but associates himself, rightly, as a fellow risk-taker: Kirby's ultra-talk represents an experiment in the lowering of pressure.

Ultra-talk poems in my definition are typically quite personal in tone without being unaware of the absurdities inherent in a self-presentational aesthetic; yet their ironies seem different in spirit from what has been termed the "postmodern wink," that sometimes predictable deployment of language to undercut its own rhetoric, thus denying readers many of the traditional pleasures of poetry.

Here is how "March 6" opens: I chat sitting in bars in the Village where the guy next to me says I love jazz because Jews wrote the songs and blacks sing them this time it's Ernie Andrews and "Our Love Is Here to Stay" outside it hasn't stopped raining, which makes me want to dance like Gene Kelly who died poetry month with Leslie Caron singing the same song in An American in Paris when I was an American in Paris myself walking under the green lime trees what a small city I could walk all the way.

Something like this could be said about Swift, Byron, and O'Hara in their own periods.

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Willow talk31 Xhat UTC copied from Willow's Talk 1 April : As to Catullus 10the chat as it was made no sense, and was too far gone to be fixed. Well, but you haven't earned that poetry "heartbreak" oh haven't I?

I'll try to fill in the table List of poems by Catullus with themes next week.