November 2, 2014

Restoring old wood furniture

Whenever you find nice pieces of old wood furniture at auctions, antique or thrift shops, at flea markets or garage sales, don't let an ugly finish turn you off. Refinished, this same old dust-collector can turn into a conversation piece, collector's item or a new show-stopper in your home. 

Custom refinishing that suits the rest of your home interior will make a restored piece of furniture very aesthetically very  pleasing.

Not that many people have patience, knowledge and tools to take on detail-oriented projects like that but you're the lucky one if you're reading this post. A phone call to Louis is just a click away.

Before calling however, take a  look at the finished examples below.​


The dining room hutch below was discovered at the local flea market. Unfortunately, a before photo does not exist, so you'll have to take my word for it - originally it looked quite ugly! With a new finish, some paint and a new hardware, however, the hutch's new look is very catchy, even cheerful, wouldn't you agree?

Restored Dining Room Hutch

Dining Room with restored hutch

All images credits: Louis


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