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Room 4 girl 4 trenton new jersey

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The information here given is derived in the main directly from the officials of the various organizations who in response to requests made by the compiler have kindly furnished the facts concerning their respective institutions and societies. During the long history of Trenton many charitable organizations and public welfare associations have arisen and after functioning for a longer or shorter period have gone out of existence owing either to a change in conditions or the lack of public support.

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Atkinson, assistant treasurer ; and Rebecca S. For many years the association conducted a high-class baseball team that was recognized throughout the country as one of the best diamond aggregrations outside of the big leagues.

Sines, additional members, D. Dill, James T.

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Kents, superintendent. In a work was begun for business girls which gradually broadened its sphere of usefulness, and weekly singing, gymnasium and cooking classes were held with a monthly social where the girls listened to earnest addresses on topics of vital interest to young women. Daniel J.

Roebling, Daniel P. Ribsam, honorary president; Mrs.

Smith, of Essex, and Dr. Eventually they work out their differences; O'Shaugnessy consummates his new marriage, and his former lover reconciles with her husband. It is safe to say by this method alone over three million dollars for the permanent betterment of these institutions have been secured, all within the last decade. Moon, president; Laura H.

The success of the movement has made possible the erection of the magnificent monument of which the association may justly be proud, for the building at East State State and South Clinton Avenue undoubtedly represents the last word in Y. The building consists of fifteen dormitory rooms on the third floor that are filled to capacity; a men's room, two boys' club rooms, dining-room and kitchen on the second floor; lobby and gymnasium on the first floor; swimming pool, locker room, bowling alleys, filtration and heating plant in the basement.

Authors and Illustrators Born in or Associated with New Jersey

Woodruff, David Willetts and the Rev. Moore, C. There regular gymnasium work and a cafeteria, now grown to large proportions, had their beginnings, as well as did extension work in factories.

Part of this building has been remodelled for the care of advanced cancer patients, and an enclosed porch provided. The home has today an enrolment of thirty-six boys and thirty-three girls.

The hospital has a complete surgical plant and the Legislature has provided ample funds for research work. Sherman, John A. In a complication borrowed from the French original without regard to its implausibility in American law, Trentn and Singleton have already wed in a civil ceremony, but need to go through a religious ceremony to complete their marriage.

Oliphant, first vice-president; Mrs. For the boy between fifteen and eighteen there has been formed a unit of Columbian Squires. Blackwell, secretary. Inupon the establishment iersey commission government, the board rpom commissioners of the city of Trenton ratified the general plan for the creation of the Colony as formulated by Mayor Frederick W. Ernest came from the New York Orthopaedic Hospital to hold clinics for the cripples in the small rooms on Allen Street, The of patients increased rapidly and it was found necessary to move to larger quarters.

Monor John H. Ezra M. Hunt, A. In the third floor was altered into wards for men and boys trentoon sixteen years of age. The hospital was dedicated by Bishop Corrigan of Newark; May 31, During the past nine years the Children's hospital has cared for 2, cases. Foster, pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

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John C. Ihrie, treasurer. The first president of the guild was Mrs. The officers are Mrs.

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Prior to opening on Broadway, preview performances were scheduled in Trenton, New Jersey. Potts, John R. The first secretary was Mr. The Girl from Rector's was his first regular Broadway production. Classes in domestic science were offered before this branch of knowledge was taught in the public schools, and were well attended. Gummere and the executive chairman of the trento is Mrs. Stoddard and Mr.