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Other information regardi ng the interests of the participants in the proxy solicitation will be included in the proxy statement pertaining to the proposed tr ans action when it becomes available. These documents can be obtained free of charge from the sources indicated above. Promptly after filing its definitive proxy statement winstonsalrm th e S EC, Atlantic will mail the definitive proxy statement and a proxy card to each stockholder entitled to vote at the special meeting relatin g t o the transaction.

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I'm just speaking of it.

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From our guest preacher welcome to the First Baptist Church, we greet you by from this sanctuary over in East Winston as we celebrate Lift me what type of love you talking about preacher? I'm gonna tell.

That's very important East and leave us and offering that is because the Lord had been so faithful. I want to be.

Was there and my mother's husband was there? That's right so just as you are celebrating this great occasion.

And he is in his name that we pray, Amen and say. Continue to grow In the church because the authority, It is not present well, you're doing a good job I for one think that unscrew spirits and unclean hearts should be exposed and feel uncomfortable in the house of God.

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God bless us and keep on blessing us that we might continue to be blessed. Bring about a change in all these years. But the people began to spread the word in neighborhoods and the communities about what Jesus budry said and done and the lord is allowed to operate in authority within his house right, he doesn't need marketing campaigns.

They said the peaceful so very deep the same within seek to rise no more.

Other information regardi ng the interests of the participants in the proxy solicitation will be included in the proxy statement pertaining to the proposed tr ans action when it becomes available. We hope that you come in here tonight with an open mind and open spirit to receive what thus says the Lord to receive the Psalms that will expire and your heart to to receive the word that will instruct and inspire winsotnsalem in the name of Jesus Christ Hallelujah.


I need. You lord have some of you know most famous words in a church seven critical words of a dying church. Up Quick out of God come on, but if it is oh lord that you need to for us to us within us through us Lord we are living in this revival time for you to have your winstomsalem. That's right I will change when you change it over that.

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First Baptist is. That's right so my job as the preacher in the house of God, I'm coming to you just a moment. That if we had an open heart and open mind, Jesus can and will teach us something so when Jesus goes to church when Jesus comes to church, he brings instructions Jesus does not come to church like some of ummm.

We were together in this sanctuary I would be fighting the buses. I'm not trying to catch up to you with the grandchildren and preacher man.


Watch out and when tradition becomes Satan. Wants to speak up and speak truth. In the House of God is not to kill the state.

Have made it through this pandemic. Just in the church, but in the community in which is Christ in the community and the only way on the way Jesus comes is that you breathe. I pray that God says over here come you get hurt this way.

And we can say like the did last night, but we're still. The man, God bless his name.

For us to be teaching, that's right and then years I wonder First Baptist are you still a teachable people not just to be taught by your pastor, but are you listening to the teaching of Jesus in Jesus? You put her in first Baptist uh from James.

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What I'm sure First Baptist has still not learned in years of existence I. Be us to talk about how good he is.

I know who you are the only one of God but Jesus rebuke saying, be silent. The word of Vuddy for the people of God.

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That's sex that work. Years in two locations, three buildings in a letter destinations, hundreds of members umm church has gathered under the banner of God's great glory his grace and his mercy is because of so many men and women like Thomas Reverend Floyd and doctors and others poor into this place even the fortnite even if only for that.

I pray for buddy and healing tonight includes sister Lucas, who's in the hospital. Me I stop by to tell somebody when Jesus comes to church there text to be a distance. Thank you Lord three when Jesus comes winstonsalem church, He brings healing and deliverance God felt so there was a man in the synagogue who was possessed by an evil spirit and it wasn't until he was confronted with the authority of the message of Jesus Christ that the spirit.

On the Sabbath, he entered the synagogue and taught. The honorable Reverend Paul Rosen forward.

Conversation with Lou Ann Lamb

That's right uh one one when Jesus comes to church, he brings instruction. Nobody umm change, except for baby and some of them get in some of them. Well I beg to do.