March 11, 2015

Welcome to my little corner!


Hello, and thanks for stopping by to read my first post. My name is Doroteja (do-ro-te-yah) and I’m in my mid twenties. This is my blog – a little personal, a little professional, and hopefully interesting enough for you to read.

I am a translator, writer, student, partner to an amazing man, and (soon-to-be) mom living in the tiny country of contradictions, Slovenia. And of course, I am also daughter of the young and vibrant Ms. Daria Perse.

(Forgive the overuse of adjectives. Spring seems like a good time to use them.)

My intention for this blog is to make content that I would want to read. Topics will range from language tidbits, perhaps a few book reviews, lifestyle topics, and personal posts about things that are important to me. I will keep what works for me and my readers and leave behind everything else, so return often to see what’s new!

At some point in the near future I would also like to incorporate a YouTube channel, but changes are best made one step at a time.

Spring is a fantastic time for new beginnings, so thank you for being a part of mine and please let me know one of yours in a comment below!



Doroteja Perse

Doroteja is a full-time mom, partner, student, and part-time writer and translator. She'd like to be a few other things as well and is working on it. She really appreciates forests, mountains, and good books as well as comments and feedback on her writing. So please don't hesitate to leave some! :)

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