June 2, 2011

What does worthiness feel like

  • worthiness feels like being my real self
  • worthiness feels like wholeness, like being enough
  • worthiness feels like creating my own reality, knowing what I Do want
  • worthiness feels like acknowledging the good moments and staying in that state of feeling good longer
  • worthiness is knowing of the true power that is me

Photo “Worthiness” – courtesy of 時尚菩薩。Sunny老師

  • worthiness is treating myself to something that I love or enjoy
  • worthiness is falling asleep, smiling
  • worthiness is waking up feeling frisky, with zest for life and ready for more
  • worthiness is smelling the flowers
  • worthiness is observing a butterfly
  • worthiness is letting that essential life energy flowing through my body
  • worthiness is feeling inspired
  • worthiness is singing my heart out
  • worthiness is dancing my feet away
  • worthiness is taking a beautiful photo
  • worthiness is writing down some inspired thoughts
  • worthiness is loving life
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Daria is a SunFlower by nature, on a mission to shine the light of beauty and happiness on this world in the same way that the Sun spreads its warmth.

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