August 2, 2011

When times get tough

When times get tough and there’s no easy way to make myself happy, feeling better – because of all the things that are going on – and might stay the same (troubling) way for some time – what is the easiest way to cope?

Is there an easy and effective way at all?

Photo “Thinking” – courtesy of Veronique (Image Focus Australia)

The year of 2011 has been a challenge in that respect. A few people that greatly affected my life in one way or another – made their transition. Without a doubt that means that my life has changed, has offerend me a new perspective and I have to go there and find the way to enjoy this new point of view. It’s not always easy.

However, other people’s lives and their choices are not in my hands. On the contrary – they are completely out of my control so I better accept them for what they are – and let them be.

These days a am dealing with two people that I’ve been rather close with – and knew them for a long time – getting ready to pass on – into the infinite. Because of the distance – I can’t do anything for them – in traditional meaning of “standing by” someone who is going through tough times.

Photo “Thinking” – courtesy of amber z

That means that the messages I’ve been receiving about their condition – had been causing a great deal of grief for me – which made me feel powerless and unable to think about things I want to stay concentrated on – for work or personal reasons.

I haven’t been talking about these things to anyone. It’s been my way for most of my life to keep things for myself. Except that my reasons for that are entirely different today than they used to be. I used to have troubles trusting people – and now I prefer not to trouble anyone – when there’s nothing they could do to help, anyway.

These days I know that it’s up to me to find a better feeling thoughts, make myself feel better, look on the bright side of any situation and keep looking for things that make me happy.

And that’s why I’m sitting on the beach, typing this, listening to the screaming seagulls – and breathing deeply the ocean-scented air.

Photo “Thinking” – courtesy of J Catlett

When I’m done typing, I’ll put the headphones in my ears and listen to the meditation music for fifteen minutes. That always helps. To stop thinking about things that wipe the smile off my face is always a great relief.

Last but not least, there’s a thought that I keep remembering and always works its magic in the way I feel. It’s the thought that all I Ever have to deal with is this very moment – and nothing else. That’s not too much, it’s never overwhelming.

I can deal with this very moment – in every moment of the day. That makes me stop worrying about the future or anything that might come out of this moment. And the moment I stop worrying, things can only get better!

Thinking and typing these words made me realize how blessed I really am, how much I have to appreciate in my life, how many things there are to love and smile about – and how good the breeze from the Gulf of Mexico feels on my bare skin! 🙂

Photo “Thinking” – courtesy of {Suzanne Marie}


Daria is a SunFlower by nature, on a mission to shine the light of beauty and happiness on this world in the same way that the Sun spreads its warmth.

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